Aegis Max Kit

Aegis Max Kit: Is it the best vape mod starter kit?

Are you looking for the best vape mod starter kit? Time and again, Geekvape has won its way into the hearts of vapers as one of the best vape mods in the market, especially for starters. And this time, UK Geekvape’s Aegis Max is up for discussion. Is it the vapers’ choice? Or is it just another vape mod that doesn’t live up to expectation? Read on to learn more. What’s included in the package? Aegis Max Mod, 0.4ohm Z1 Mesh Coil and 0.2ohm Z2 Mesh Coil, Aegis Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank, Replacement Straight Glass, Micro-USB Cable, User manual and Bag of Spare Parts.

Aegis Max Kit

Impressive Design

The Aegis Max kit is a mix and match of GeekVape’s incredible Zeus Max tank, rugged looks, durability, and high-performance mod. Aegis Max features the latest IP-67 rated vaping devices with a military-grade structure that’s designed to be dustproof, shockproof and waterproof. And it comes in five different pleasant colors – Grey pearl, Black space, Red Phoenix, White storm, and Black tungsten.

Measuring 9346.334mm in dimension, Aegis Max has a top filling design and slide coil design that makes its coil easy to replace, no matter your level of vaping experience. From the frontal look of the mod, you have the screen, fire button (which is clicky), and the plus and minus buttons.

Wattage and Power

Geek Vape Aegis Max kit is powered by a single 21700 or 18650 battery. It integrates with a built-in advanced chipset, which provides a maximum output power up to 100W. And it comes with different modes. The bypass mode? It helps you rig the vape mode to make the most out of the raw power of the cells. While the variable power curve puts you in control of the wattage, other methods are the variable wattage and temperature control modes.

Aegis Max Kit

Vapor and cloud production

The Zeus tank fitted with the Aegis Max kit uses the innovative kanthal mesh wires for the coils to give a more excellent flavor and cloud production. And its top adjustable airflow system is a plus because it is specially built to prevent, or if at all, minimize leaking. Besides, the fusion of top-to-bottom and direct top airflow system guarantees high cloud production while enhancing an excellent airflow simultaneously. The quick slide coil design provides the easy-operation.

What can you expect when you buy Geekvape Aegis Max?

Geek Vape’s Aegis Max strikes a cord, just as previous Aegis mods. The significant difference is that it uses a 21700 battery, and if you’ve been looking for a good 21700 mod, the Aegis Max is a good buy.


  1. What are vape mod kits?

    The kits contain a mod, tank, a device and pods or coils and replacement parts. You need to add some vape juice in your device.

  2. Are Box Mods better than vape pens?

    Box mod is durable, rock solid and bulkier than a vape pen. Vape pens are less durable but smaller, lighter, easier to use.

  3. What is MOD short for the vape?

    Mod is short for modifying, but it is also used as a generic name for any battery device. It’s a holdover from back in the early days of vaping when folks used to modify flashlights and use them to vape.