Freemax Autopod50

Pod kits may not be the latest or most modern vaping kits around anymore, but since they were launched in 2017, they’ve only become increasingly popular.

The standards demanded by vapers these days are pretty high – a variety of design options, long lasting battery life, and a great flavor, convenience, sensational performance, discretion, and a lightweight build. Vapers also want kits that are disposable and refillable.

There’s one vaping kit today that has all of these attributes and so much more; the UK Freemax Autopod50 pod system.

What is the Freemax Autopod50?

Freemax Autopod50

Freemax Autopod50 is an all-in-one electronic vaping kit that is easy-to-use, compact, and way stronger than your regular disposable e-cigarettes. Unlike the usual vapes that have a fire button, the Freemax Autopod50 gives users the same smoking experience gotten from drawing from a mouthpiece.

Housing a 2000mAh battery, the Autopod50 is a pod mod (or pod AIO) that is rated for 50 watts. It is built similarly to the latest Coiltech4.0 mesh coils and the Freemax coils, with its dual mesh design.

Freemax Autopod50

The Autopod50 is shorter than the average vaping kit as it stands at 94mm x 43.5mm x 24.5mm, with a boxy shape. Users are spoilt for choice, thanks to the fact the pod is available in six different colors (three solid ones and three gradient ones), all of which have a glossy paintjob.

The pods contain 4ml of juice shielded in dark tinted packaging, with only a small part exposed. Have we mentioned that they come with a built-in, non-replaceable drip tip?

Freemax Autopod50

The only notable minus with the Freemax Autopod50 is with the design and build quality; every other attribute of this pod system is unmatched.

Pros and cons of the Freemax Autopod 50 summarized


- It is easy to use, comfortable to hold, compact, lightweight, and has a very large capacity.

- Its airflow is adjustable, while its screen is bright and clear.

- Its coils last really long, and its output is constant.

- Its battery size of 200mAh is large considering its own size.

- It has a type C port and charges quickly.

- It easily has the best coils on a pod mod.


- If you do not use for a long time, its pods may leak.

- Its wattage is set to low automatically.

- If the pod is below 1/3 full, its coil could get burnt.

- Its build could make it difficult to see its juice levels.

The Takeaway

In normal world, Freemax would build coils for all sub ohm vapes across the globe. The Autopod50 with its tea fiber mesh combo is easily the best pod system around. After using this kit, it would almost be impossible for you to revert to a non-Freemax coil.

If what you want is the best flavor available in a compact vape, look no further than the Freemax Autopod50.

What do you think of the Autopod50? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comment section!

Q & A:

  1. What age can you start vaping?

The legal age in most countries to buy e-cigarettes is 18 to 21, depends on different countries.

  1. What’s pod system?

Instead of using the tank, a pod system is a small vape comes with pod to hold the e-liquids.

  1. Where is the best online store to buy vape juice in the UK?

Newvaping have more than 2000 e-liquids and offer free shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the next working day of you placing them.